Squid Proxy stops working after 2 minutes??

  • Hi All,

    I have ver 2.0.3 pfsense and I have squid and light squid installed. I configured it as Transparent Proxy, here is the issue, when im browsing internet I get page cannot be displayed after 1-2 mins of enabling Transparent proxy option.

    I have to untick that option for the internet to work again and when  i re-enable it works for a few minutes and then same thing page cannot be displayed. I have now unticked transparent proxy option off, but light squid is not monitoring any web traffic, so I cant see what site are being accessed?

    any advise what the issue could please? let me know if you need to know my network setup.


  • upon further investigation, it turned out that explicitly squid works but transparent proxy will work for two minutes and then page cannot be displayed.

    could it be some sort of firewall rule I need to set on pfsense?


  • You shouldn't have to do anything if it's a standard install.  Maybe check the Squid log for clues?

  • What am I looking for in logs, I'm new to all this pfsense stuff? The strange thing is if I use transparent proxy the internet  will work for two minutes and then page cannot be displayed, if I then specify the IP address of proxy server in IE it starts working again whilst transparent proxy option is still ticked?

    My pfsense is set as a captive portal, firewall router and now proxy server all on the same box!

    Please can you assist in more but simple to understand  details?


    Ps. When I say squid is not working I don't mean the squid as a service but the Internet traffic

  • I'm no expert either.  I just try to help people if I can.

    To get to the log, first login to the shell (option 8 in the pfSense text menu).

    From there, go to /var/log and look for squidGuard.log.  Maybe take a look at the system.log while you're at it.

    I can't even begin to tell you what to look for other than obvious errors.

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