Multiwan Problems

  • Hi, I'm configuring a pfSense firewall and I'm having an unusual problem.
    My office has a VOIP phone system from Star2Star that has a pbx box that shapes our internet traffic to optimize the connection. Our network looks like this:

    ISP > PBX > Firewall > Active Directory running DNS & DHCP

    After my internet comes through the PBX, I'm supposed to point the WAN to (IP address of the port on the back of the PBX) and the Gateway to addresses. That doesn't work though. I unchecked both the "block private networks" and "block bogon networks" boxes. Still didn't work.

    As soon as I bypass the PBX and use my ISP's IP & Gateway information everything works perfectly.

    Am I missing something?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Define 'doesn't work'. How are you testing this?
    Has the PBX box worked previously? Are you getting any link LEDs even? If both ends are 10/100 you may need a cross-over cable.


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