Setup 2 LAN - 1 WAN

  • Hello to all

    I this problem, I tried to configure the second LAN on my PfSense but on the second LAN connected PCs do not go on the Internet …
    I make a list

    • WAN 88.25.x.y / 29
    • 1 LAN
    • 2 LAN

    With the PC on the LAN 1 I go on the internet very well, while the PCs on the LAN 2 will not go on the internet
    I made the rules and the NAT but maybe something wrong?

    Hello and thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the rules pass the traffic, and outbound NAT is set to NAT them out, it should work. Though there is not enough detail to say for sure. Make sure the rules pass all traffic, not only TCP.

    Some other things to check:

    Try to ping the firewall (their gateway), if they can't, then rules are probably to blame
    Try to ping an Internet host by hostname, such as, if it can't translate the name to an IP address, check your DNS
    Try to ping an Internet host by IP address, such as, if the other parts work but that does not, it's likely outbound NAT

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