2x LAN bridged to 2x wifi

  • This really has nothing to do with WAN as it is strictly for LAN access:

    I have been testing on ALIX + WRAPs, but it looks like I cant do this.

    I have dual LAN, and dual Atheros cards set to AP mode.

    I would like to transparently bridge the wifi connections to the LAN connections.

    Both LAN connections are connected to the same network switch, laptops connect to wifi to access servers on the LAN, and the internet (80% internet traffic). I assigned a static IP to the LAN interface, and left the WAN on DHCP, I bridged a wifi to the LAN, and a wifi to the WAN, and I turned on DHCP relay, and specified my DHCP server, but it doesnt seem to work reliably.

    I can associate to the access point, but sometimes it doesnt pull an IP, othertimes it does. When I disable the firewall in Advanced Settings, I loose all connectivity, I cannot ping my interfaces even if I hard wire to the LAN and ping the LAN IP of the pfsense.

    >>pf LAN ( >> OPT1 (wlan)
    Gateway Router(>>Switch>>
                                                            >>pf WAN ({dhcp}) >> OPT2 (wlan)

    Can anyone give some tips on setting up this scenario? It would seem I cant have ports on the same subnet?

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