Dividing wisp opt network

  • I'm running a free wireless internet access site.
    Until now i have about 8 public AP's all ubiquity who serves the public.
    I have some specialized equipment running on the same physical network, but divided by a VIP.
    I wan't to segment the network by physical interfaces in the Pfsense machine.
    The problem lies with the specialized equipment, i can't change the ip's of these devices easily.
    So after i've divided the network in 4 segments and different subnets, i still need to communicate with the equiment who are all still in the same old subnet.
    I tried with proxy arp but that didn't work well.
    Anyone got any tips ?

  • why not keep the specialized equipement on the same subnet you are using now, and change the ubiquity to a new interface/subnet?

  • That would be the ideal solution.
    The service area is approx. 25 acres.
    I would need to add a whole new seperate network to connect everything.

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