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  • 2.1.3-RELEASE (amd64)
    pfBlocker 1.0.2

    I know not to use the built in country lists because they are outdated and not being updated any more.  So with the help of this forum I've located lists and made use of them.  One such list is "iBlockList" and it contains 55,998 CIDRs.  If I go to and create a country block, I can't select all counties (minus the few I want to have access to) because pfBlocker won't save the list after I've pasted the TXT into a New List/Custom List.  So then I tried only selecting countries starting from A to D… once again, pfBlocker won't save my custom list.  So I cut back and only select countries that start from A to B.  With that selection pfBlocker will save my custom list.

    iBlockList CIDRs: 55,998
    Countries A - B CIDRs: 21,492
    Countries C - D CIDRs: 17,056

    So why can't I create custom CIDR range that contains countries A - D (total number of CIDRs is 38,548) because it's way less than iBlockList count of CIDRs.

    What is limiting the creation of a custom list?


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    Hello awsiemieniec,

    If you are comfortable in the shell, you can create a new file and save the CIDR ranges in a file in:

    /usr/local/www/[ new folder ]

    Once the file is saved, from pfBlocker add a new List. At the URL location, you will see

    "Format URL or localfile"

    So in the URL box, you can enter the path above and the filename you created.

    You will have to do this once a month to get the updated changes or create a script to do this automatically.

    Compressed lists must be in gz format.
    Downloaded or local file must have only one network per line and could follows PeerBlock syntax or this below:
    Network ranges:
    IP Address:

  • Thank you for your help.

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