Shaping of a ssh tunnel

  • Hi,

    I want to be able to access VNC from outside and give it High Priority, but since VNC isn't secure I have to tunnel it through ssh. The tunnel work and I can connect to VNC from the remote location by connection to, I shaped the SSH port to High priority, but trafic of VNC doesn't get shaped correctly, it put it in the normal queue. If I transfer a file using WinSCP it get shaped correctly … Isn't the tunnel supposed to get through the SSH connection established ?

    When I "netstat -anlp | grep :5900" the connection from and to is my server IP Address, wich is normal and my :22 is correct too...

    For now I created a rule to allow only one IP address to access directly the port 5900 and the shaping is correct in that case, I would like to be able to access my server from anywhere using ssh though.

    Any idea?

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