Replacing LAN and WAN NICS

  • I am just to get ready to swap some network cards out and need some help in regards to the process.

    I have Realtek NICS in my box now and after upgrading to 2.1.3 they are acting weird (state is going up/down every hour or so). I went ahead and ordered two Intel Pro1000's. I also went and created a pfsense configuration backup and saved the XML file to my computer.

    So the plan is:
    1. Turn my Pfsense box off
    2. Remove Realtek NICS, add Intel NICS.
    3. Start Machine
    4. Assign WAN and LAN interfaces under Interfaces->(assign).
    5. Restart

    Is that really it, or is there something I am missing? You would think I would have to add the Pro1000 drivers or something.

    Let me know, I get nervous about making changes to hardware.

  • You won't be able, and won't even need to do "Assign WAN and LAN interfaces under Interfaces->(assign)", because when pfSese boots up, it will notice the change and warn you about the network interface mismatch. It will see that the earlier re0, re1 interfaces are missing, but new em0 and em1 are present, and it's gonna ask you to tell which one of them is the WAN and which one is the LAN. Just like it did when you first installed pfSense on the machine. Once you're over that assignment during startup, it'll continue booting using your existing configuration. You don't have to do anything else afterwards, just to check everything works as before.

    So make sure you do have a VGA monitor and keyboard or a serial console connected when you power the box up.

  • That is easier than I was thinking.

    Good news. Cheers.

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