Moved from DNS Forwarder to Unbound DNS: Where can I set Domain Overrides?

  • Being in a multi-WAN load-balanced setup and having resolving issues when link(s) goes down I've moved from DNS Forwarder + ISP's DNS server to Unbound DNS.

    However I had configured a domain override so that the DNS requests for the ".company.lan" domain gets resolved by an other server (locally housed in LAN at IP

    Since I've moved to Unbound DNS this domain overrides seems to continue working but I can't find any related setting on Unbound DNS pages (Settings, Advanced Settings, ACLs). Yet I do get something on Status page (meaning Unbound is aware of the domain):

    Unbound stubs
    company.lan. IN stub noprime:

    Unbound local zones
    company.lan. transparent

    It seems the only webGUI page I can set this domain override is the "Services > DNS forwarder" page (/services_dnsmasq.php): at the bottom there is still "Domain Overrides".
    When switching to Unbound DNS I had to disable the DNS forwarder (unchecked "Enable DNS forwarder" checkbox): are the "Domain Overrides" (and "Host Overrides") not ignored when DNS forwarder is disabled?

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