Same physical network, squid firewalling box, PfSense Crashes ina sporadic way.

  • As the Title says, I got 1 physical network which implies a lot of switches in cascade. I got a cisco load balancing router at as my main gateway. To that routeur the switch network is connected. I got only 1 network segment I installed a pfsense firewalling, squid box as for the wan IP and for my lan IP. I disabled the DHCP on pfsense and set my default-gateway on my Cisco DHCP to Pfsense filter all the traffic block ports correctly and everything seems fine until I get this kind of error messages:

    Jan 15 02:02:13 kernel: arp: is on fxp1 but got reply from 00:1b:D5:ad:a2:08 on fxp0

    and then PFSense stop pinging and responding on my network. Sometimes it start answering again 5 or 6 minutes later sometimes I have to reboot the box..

    Can anyone explain me or help me with what is happenning?



  • I think a diagram is in order, and an explanation of what you're using your pfSense host for.  From what you've posted it sounds like it's doing nothing as any host can bypass it.

  • I'll do a diagram as soon as I get home with a program like Visio, and for the security concern we're on a environnement where windows account can't access network settings and can't change their gateway. I'm using the pfsense box as a transparent proxy to filter port and urls.

  • Or just do an ASCII art diagram ;)

    I don't think your arrangement will work as is, if you want a transparent proxy then you need to have the pfSense host as a gateway between 2 different subnets.  If you don't mind it being a "normal" proxy then you'll need to read the threads about using pfSense with a single NIC.

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