2.1.3 AMD64 Hangs on install..Timezone

  • Trying to load on a Intel Server Board (s1200btlr)with I3 processor Kingston DDR3 memory and Seagate Enterprise Drive. System sees the Nic's em0 and em1. Booting on CD. The process goes fine until "setting timezone" and then it hangs. Any Ideas?

    Edit: updated BIOS and tried the i386 version… same problem

    Problem solved: Loaded ver 2.1.2 AMD 64 with zero problems. So I'm guessing a 2.1.3 bug? I will try to upgrade next - Upgrade worked.

  • Just had the same problem with 2.1.5 AMD64) during startup of the LiveCD.

    Unplugging the network cards solved it for me.

  • My lame theory is that it was looking for the time server online and couldn't find it.  So either no internet access, no DNS, or time server was down.

    Anyway.  Just a theory.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Waiting for NTP to timeout used to be an issue if there was no WAN. I thought it had been resolved but perhaps you have a niche case.


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