Are PoE+ switches any good?

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    Im looking for a PoE+ switch to power four PoE IP cameras and I think it would work great but I just wanted to know the opinion of people that have had experience with PoE/PoE+ switches if they work good give enough power to devices.

    Im looking at a few:

    ZyXEL GS1900-24HP
    Netgear GS510TP (this was beautiful and near perfect but it has no IPv6 support. I don't need it now but spending this much money on a product that already is out of date feels wrong)
    D-Link DGS-1210-10P (This one gives 30W when two PoE+ devices are plugged in, but falls back to 17W when 3 PoE+ devices are plugged in but in part due to only giving 78W)

    Any opinions and other recommendations?

    Thank you

  • Though not in your list, I'm using a SG300-10P (yes I'm biased ;D) @home, with good result until now (less than 1y, so take this for what it is).
    Friend of mine uses the D-Link (pro) series for every camera installation he does, and non failed until now so he's a happy customer.

    YMMV (as usual ;))…

  • i haven't had issues with the zyxel 1910 series. They offer a lot of value for money imho. 1910-24 without POE costs around €130.
    I don't have prices for the POE version at hand, but i do know the 24-port POE is kind of noisy (fan noise). In other words, you wouldn't want them in your livingroom or near your desk

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