PfSense Centralized Upgrade Server

  • This is more directed toward the DEV's of pfSense.

    Is there currently, or are there plans  to ever have a centralized reporting/admin server that acts as a Centralized Point of administration? This would serve as an overhead look at what pfSense firewalls on your network require updates, and to be able to push an update to it?

    In other words a Windows System Update Services(WSUS) server, but for pfsense hosts instead of windows servers?

    What would be Ultimately ideal is if you could outright remotely manage each pfSense "Client" FW from the centralized administration server w/webUI, like Microsoft System Center. Think hosting provider.

  • Netgate Administrator

    There have been a number of posts along these lines over the years. Work has also been done but there's been only a few 'official' mentions. For example:
    However that's almost certainly outdated. Priorities changed etc.
    I'm sure I read a comment on that from Jim Thompson much more recently but I can't find it now.

    Edit: Something here:
    So after 2.2 at the earliest.


  • I asked the same question last week. If it is really needed urgently I am sure a bounty would be well received and speed up the process.

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