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    I'm running a net cafe. Somebody from my customer pool was using maphack, and unfortunately it resulted in an IP ban. This means anybody (myself included) is banned from connecting to the game as far as the covered IP is concerned. And yes, my net cafe is under the pfsense area of influence.

    I tried logging in using a wireless connection (outside pfsense area of influence) and successfully logged in. Even though both were using the same ISP.

    (if anyone's curious, This game was RGC.)

    Is there any way to change my IP?

    My current setup if this will help:

    pfsense LAN IP:
    pfsense WAN IP:

    edit: changing LAN IP or WAN IP solved nothing. this is starting to feel weird.

  • How is pfsense connected to your ISP?  Since your pfsense WAN IP is a local IP (, I'm guessing you have a router/modem provided to you by the ISP?  And you connected the pfsense  router behind it?

    Please confirm your network topology and we can go from there.

  • my main PC is a diskless server running in win7 with 2 NICs (and is running pfsense via VMware). one goes to the ISP and the other goes to the 16-port switch where the other 12 diskless clients are running.

    I should also mention that this diskless server is not included to the IP ban. This is where everything goes suspicious, since the 12 diskless clients are using the same ISP although they go through pfsense while the server doesn't.

    Lastly I should mention that the OS the diskless clients uses (winXP) is FROZEN. probably much better than how Deepfreeze works.

    Hope this helps.

  • Theres more going on in your network.  More details would be useful.  Are you using a DSL connection, per chance?  Who is your service provider? What is the ip address assigned to the diskless workstation?

    Go to from one of the clients.  Do the same from the server.  Do you get the same ip address, or are they different?  Are they public addresses, or private adresses (

  • should have included it I guess.

    all their IP address (diskless and server) is =edited=. which is very, very weird. credits to rainmeter.

  • Then its not (just) an ip ban.  You could try changing the mac address of the wan interface of your pfsense router but i doubt that will help.  Maybe your diskless workstations have a common hardware id, created perhaps when the software was installed, that the admins are using for their ban.  In any event, its something other then just pfsense.

    Have you asked the admins of the site to lift the ban?

  • there's definitely more going on here.

    went back to my diskless server, made sure to disable the ISP NIC from win7 (which makes the server behind pfsense) and connected myself to RGC.

    using the clients, I get a ban. On the main server, I don't.

    btw changing MAC address doesn't work.

  • All things considered, I can only hypothesize that this wasn't really an IP ban, but rather an OS ban. This is probably what only makes sense. To be more specific, RGC tried getting my OS info and everything went downhill.

    But if this is true, this raises to me a completely different concern. For the first time, I'm actually getting scared that my identity is getting more and more breached. That internet anonymity is getting thinner. How could they actually be able to track "me" with just a DOTA replay? I fear for the time where suddenly a police would knock at my door and extort me for some "cybercrime" I didn't commit. I live in a 3rd world country where police extortion is a common practice.

  • Are the clients all using the same windows product keys?  That could certainly be the common link.

    If you're worried about a third party (not the gaming site) snooping your traffic, you should investigate using an anonymous vpn service.

  • I don't think windows product key is the solution simply because I live in a country where piracy is rampant (3rd world country. go figure.).

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