PF Sense 1.2 Beta

  • Hi I have been using the PF Sense 1.2 BETA and it always crashes when users are connected through it. I had installed it on a CF Flash using the 1.2 Beta ISO.

    Users are connected to the pfsense via captive portal I have a radius server with only one account called guest. Every users who wants to access the web page must login to the captive portal.

    However the pfsense which is running on a box using CF card crashes after few days of usage. Why does it happen.

    This morning the Pf Sense Gateway crashed and i could not ping to the PF Sense Server.

    I am now trying the 1.2 RC Released VErsion.

    Pls need help on this.

  • Sorry to sound harsh, but if you want people to give you some free help, you should try to give some better information. The hardware platform and nics used would be a good start. Saying "it crashes" is not very useful to anyone- please describe any messages you saw on the console/serial console, did you see any errors in the logs, state table usage, etc.

  • Hi

    The Hardwar platform is a box 4 Front Lan port 10/100 MBPS)
    Inten Pentium IZV 2.8 GhZ Processor
    512MBDDR RAM
    2GB Industrial CF Card.

    I cant view the log file now as it is deployed in a remote site and cant access it through the web interface.

    Glad if you can advise i have started to use 1.2RC3 now and deployed yesterday.

  • You're running on CF - are you using embedded (the recommended version for running on CF) or Full?

    Have you verified the hardware (particularly the memory) is good?  A quick run through with memtest86+ (or similar) may be a good idea.  Another useful tools is Prime95 (to check that the CPU and cooling are ok).

    More details on the "crash" are needed.  At the minimum you need to say whether:

    a) The entire system reboots
    b) The entire system hangs and
    i) You can access the local console
    ii) You cannot access the local console
    c) Just the Captive Portal stops responding

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