Dynamic IP and remote locations

  • I'm attempting to create a  site-to-site VPN using IPSEC with two pfsense routers.  Each site has dynamic public IP addresses. I'm using fully qualified host names as addresses for the gateways.  Name resolution for these hostnames is provided by Dyndns.

    I'm able to successfully create a tunnel.  BUT when an IP changes on one side of the tunnel, I can only reestablish it by reconnecting from the side whose IP DIDN'T change.

    In other words, if I have a site-to-site vpn connection and the IP address of the site I am physically at changes, I need someone at the remote site to reestablish the connection (or alternatively access the firewall myself over the public network).

    Is this the expected IPSEC behavior?  If it is, how can I  maintain connections with remote locations?

    Or am I just doing something wrong?

    Here is my setup on one of the servers (I replaced my DynDNS hostname with "example.com")

    Internet Protocol: IPv4   
    Interface: WAN 
    Remote gateway:  one.example.com

    Authentication method: Mutual PSK   
    Negotiation mode: aggressive
    My identifier User distinguished name  one@example.com
    Peer identifier User distinguished name  two@example.com 
    Pre-Shared Key  xxxxx
    Policy Generation Default
    Proposal Checking Default 
    Encryption algorithm AES  256 bits 
    Hash algorithm SHA1 
    DH key group 1 (768 bit)
    Lifetime  seconds  86400

    Advanced Options
    NAT Traversal Enable
    Enable DPD
    10 seconds
    Delay between requesting peer acknowledgement.

    5 retries
    Number of consecutive failures allowed before disconnect.

  • Things got worse.  Racoon failed to even attempt to connect.  Specifically, hitting the connect icon returned immediately and there was no record of any connection attempt in the log. Deleted the phase one and phase two entries, and re-entering them.  Seems to be working now.

    Must have been some sort of corruption in the configuration.

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