System Information - DNS Servers, CPU type

  • Hi

    Version 2.2-ALPHA (amd64)  - built on Sat Jun 14 00:51:31 CDT 2014

    I think this are cosmetic "problems" so, a low priority.

    1º  I have a Wan (pppoe - username and pass only settings used). Can't have ISP DNS servers in DNS server(s) row on widget or status interfaces . Don't remember  if i ever had it.

    2º Cpu type. I enable powerd settings and i have, i think, a good CPU power management but the line of the actual frequency appear and disappear intermittently, maybe when the max cpu freq. is equal to the actual freq. the line disappear? is not better to simple stay there? this remember me some situation on status traffic graph where IP/(host names) appear and disappear relatively fast, annoys me  >:(  8).


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