PPPoE server not issuing default gateway

  • Hi can anyone help, I have a router running 2.1 and I have an industrial 6 port PC box running 2.0.3 and configured as a bridge, I have set up PPPoE server on it with the config as attached. what does not show in attachment is that the mask is /25

    The router with pfsense 2.1 gets issued with the public IP address and with the gateway address but there appears to no default route to internet via the gateway router which is ..138.126 and there seems to be no means of setting one, the gateway is a MikroTik router

    Now when I enter the same info in to the MikroTik's PPPoE server, and turn off the PPPoE server on my bridge the pfsense router gets exactly the same IP etc but this time it will connect to the internet no problem.

    So the configuration of the router must be correct and the problem is with the pfsense PPPoE server. 

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