Routing issue/help please

  • I have a box with 4 nics (2 WAN, 1 Lan, and 1 to handle VLAN).  I have 4 VLANs attached the VLAN interface, 1 of wich I want to use to handle my wireless network devices.  I use a Novell OES2 box on the LAN ( for DNS and I would like to use that on the wireless interface as well.  I have been able to setup the DHCP for the wireless network, however, the DNS is not working.  I can also not ping any device on the LAN from the wireless network (through PFSense).  I have put in firewall rules on both the LAN and the Wifi netowrk allowing "any" to both the LAN net and the wifi net and vice versa with no success.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?  I have also verified that the network jack the OES2 box is plugged in to is setup as a TRUNK to allow all the VLAN traffic through.

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