Pfsense freeze

  • Hi

    I have got a PPPOE connection from the ISP, connected that to WAN interface.
    the connection is working fine, after configuring PPPOE settings in the server.

    Now i have connected the lan to an HP switch and from the switch going to an Access point.
    The connection is working till the end but the machine is freezing every half an hour. Keyboard becomes inactive, connections gets cut off.

    Tried rebuilding on 3 different machines with different motherboards and hard disks but still the same. Is there something to do with the Lan external card, used the same HP lan card for all 3 machines.

    Or anything to do with the PPPOE connection.

  • Netgate Administrator


    Keyboard becomes inactive.

    That is usually a sign of some hardware failure, a hard lockup. Since the NIC is the only common hardware across the builds (is it?) I would suspect it. It's an unusual failure though.


  • :) got it, was a machine related issue.
    In the first and second machines, the machines were 64 bit on which i was trying to boot 32 bit OS.
    In the third machine, some sort of hardware failure.
    Tried in the 4th machine, working fine.

    Success after a long battle !

  • Netgate Administrator

    Glad you're up an running.  :)
    There should be no issue installing 32bit pfSense on a 64bit machine though.


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