Question in Routing in pfsense and "default gateway" option

  • hi all ,

    just want to ask a question

    wts the difference if i put default route in the routing table


    when i check to enable default gateway @ the wan interface level ????

    wt does that mean ??

    wts the diffrence between them ???

    im really confused , when i type
    netstat -rn

    i dont see default route in my routing table but althoug , i can access my wan from remote subnets ??!!!!

    dont understand why ? how could the pfsense respond me and no default route in the routing tablle ?

    does checking the default gateway @ the wan interface option sufficient ??!!

    i must be confusing something :o :o :o

    wish to get hep and let my issue clear


  • may this helps ,
    mu question is :

    wts the differnece between  "default" and "" in the routing table below ???

    Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire        UGS        0    5929 ovpnc2 =>

    default          UGS        0    4197    le1



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