Creating rules

  • what is the difference between Source: Lan Address and Lan Subnet, and what different situations call for what?

    so far i only have ever used Lan Subnet (or subnets of other lan-side-vlans).


  • ok, googling after i posted shows me part of the answer i was looking for.

    i am wondering if i can use those to differentiate between say, traffic that is allowed to access host ips on the subnet, and traffic that is allowed to traverse the interface into the next subnet?

    ie, id like to have an eaiser way to have a subnet that is only allowed to access the internet.  rihgt now i solve that by creating an alias called "all local subnet", i put the subnet of all my vlans in there, and then i source: vlan: target: all_local_subnets and then so far thats working. but its cumbersome, and im just looking for simpler/more correct way of doing things.

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    Where are you putting this rule - why would you not put the rule on the vlan interface?  And the source would be that vlans network.

    Why do you think you need to create an alias to contain all your vlans?  To allow them to access the internet?

    Can you post pictures of your rules.

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