Initial login not loading the wizard

  • Good day.

    Please refer me if there is already a thread open for this, but I get the below screen, and it just stays there.
    There's no link linked to the logo as the message mentions, so I can't configure pfsense at all.

    Welcome to pfSense!

    One moment while we start the initial setup wizard.

    Embedded platform users: Please be patient, the wizard takes a little longer to run than the normal GUI.

    To bypass the wizard, click on the pfSense logo on the initial page.

  • Netgate Administrator

    More details please.  :)
    What pfSense version? Which install type? What hardware?


  • It's the latest version I could download, and it's running on virtualbox.

    It worked initially, but stopped.
    I've completely deleted it and installed it again.
    Trying to log in from Windows server 2012 and 2010, both giving the same issue.
    I have not yet tried it from a different OS.

  • Normal install type, just went with the quick and easy install, did no strange configurations on pfSense.
    Wan IP address was assigned by the dhcp server on my router, lan address is, which it connects to, I log in successfully, and then I receive that screen.
    The wizard does not come up, and I don't have an option to bypass the setup wizard.

  • Oh, right, it's version 2.1.3.

  • Never mind, I tested with a different OS.

    It is only with Windows server 2012 and 2007 that this issue had occurred.
    Windows 8.1 successfully logged in and loaded the wizard.

    For curiosity's sake, anyone know why windows server does this?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I would imagine it's due to some plugin or script that isn't enabled by default in a server OS. Did you try multiple browsers?


  • Thanks,

    Windows server by default has a "IE Enhanced Security Configuration" turned on. It was a head scratcher why the wizard wouldn't run until I read this post. Once turned off it ran no problem.


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