New HD installed…

  • Dear all,

    The Problem
    I did yesterday an upgrade to my firewall. the problem is that the hard disk drive where the freebsd was installed is only 30 GB. For some reason the hd is is getting topped. I thought about the Squid server caching algorithm and parameters (I couldn't find anything wrong. The maximum size was set to not more than the hard drive free actual capacity.)

    But to temporary solve the problem, I released some space by deleting the squid cache files. Now its almost full again..

    Attempted solution and approach
    I need to find the cause of this anormality, I'm pretty sure has something to do with the additional installed modules.

    • squid guard

    • light squid

    • ntop

    I installed an additional 80 GB drive following this tutorial:
    the FSTAB entry is already there and i have 0% of the disk utilized (The additional space is not showing in the GUI interface)
    running the command "mount" shows the new disk and its usage. as i said before 0%

    Is the hd correctly installed?
    if yes, Why is not showing the additional space in the GUI interface?
    Any suggestions on finding the root cause and fixing the space problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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