CARP outgoing IP address?

  • Hi pfSense Users,

    We have 2 pfSense 2.1.3 box, with a beautifull, and working CARP setup:

    • pfSenseCARP:
    • pfSense01:
    • pfSense02:

    The CARP interface works like a charm with inbound connections, but when I try to ping from the pfSenseCARP interface, there is no response - 100% packet loss, and there isn't any BLOCK or REJECT entry in firewall log. When I try to ping from shell, I'm recieving the following error:

    ping: invalid multicast interface: `opt2_vip3'

    Maybe a rule missing? Or any other recommendation to check something?

    The second problem is that, when I visit a site, from behind the pfSense-s, the logged IP is not our CARP ip (, just the master's IP ( if pfSense01 is the master).

    The outgoing IP address must be the CARP address. How can I set it up? Rules? Outbound NAT? When I modify the Outbound NAT rules (which has been generated via setup) to translate the request to the CARP address, we are loosing our internet connaction.

    Thank you in advance,

  • You need to use Advanced Outbound NAT. Change the NAT Address to
    You should have both boxes set to sync states and the master should have the required XMLRPC settings- rules, nat, and VIPs at a minimum.

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