Routing setup for ATT MPLS network

  • I am attempting to configure a new MPLS network through ATT on my pfsense box.  I am currently using another provider for WAN so I need to find a way to route the VPN traffic from ATT out to internet.

    My current setup is as follows:
    Host Lan:
    Host Gateway/pfSense:
    Remote Site A:
    Remote Site B:
    Remote Site C:

    I have two way communication between host and remote sites.  I have configured as a Gateway, and setup a static route to each remote network using this new gateway.  In addition, I have a Manual Outbound NAT setup for each remote site as follows:

    Interface                  WAN
    Source Port         *
    Destination         *
    Destination Port *
    NAT Address         WAN Address
    NAT Port                 *
    Static Port                No

    When doing a trace route, my last hop always ends at the host site pfSense address  I do not know where to go from here and am assuming I do not have this configured correctly.  The ATT Host router just plugs right into the LAN switch so I assumed it would travel out the default gateway.  Any help would be appreciated!

  • I know this must be a simple configuration issue, but I do not know the proper way to configure.  Any help or guidance is very appreciated.  I've included a diagram to show how I believe this would work.

  • Can you access your pfsense from your MPLS network?

    Can I see your static route for each MPLS network at pfSense? and also firewall rules

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