Ntop error

  • versions:  pfsense(2.1.3-RELEASE (amd64) ), ntop (BETA 5.0.1 v2.5 platform: 2.0 )

    I updated yesterday to 2.1.3, ,and also updated ntop (removed previous package and upgraded to this version)… while ntop overall feels more "snappy", I now am faced with this problem when I drill down into traffic (e.g.:  local to remote ) and select a client.

    ntop[37803]: ERROR Buffer too short @ report.c:3905 (increase to at least 1037) [ client.wns.windows.com

    Is there a particular preference setting I need to adjust in ntop to increase this buffer?

  • well.. i've just spent a while trying to understand what could be the issue on this one and am not finding any solution.  finally my logs seem to only show the following message:

    ntop[8154]: EPIPE while sending page to web client

    and that was it.

    so, since there is apparently no way to revert to a previous build, i guess i'll have to just run without ntop.. which stinks as I really liked the tool.


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