Question about traffic graph and minicron

  • I noticed the Traffic Graph @ /status_graph.php?if=wan seems to update about every 5 seconds. Where does this data come from? I see rrdtool running, but wan-traffic.rrd only seems to be storing values every 60 seconds.

    On a related note, how can I set up a minicron job to run on pfSense?

    I have an RGB LED attached to the box via USB, and would like to adjust it's color based on WAN traffic volume. I figure I could have a small script that runs every 10 seconds and looks at the average traffic rate for the last 10 seconds, then set the LED color based on that.


  • There is a Cron package addon you can install to allow cron style scripts.

    Go to "System->Packages->Available Packages" and look for Cron.

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