Help with routing

  • I have 2 wan and 1 lan. wan 1 I want to block port 80 - 443 only allow VPN Ipsec. wan 2 (ADSL) i want allow port 80 -443.
    can someone help me with the setup. How do I to setup the rules for this.


  • You do this on the Firewall -> rules section of the Pfsense GUI.

    In there you have to set up the rules accordingly. Be sure to put those rules were they belong, meaning WAN rules go on the WAN section, WAN2 in WAN2 so on…

    Whenever you are setting up the rules there is a section called "Destination Port Range", there you input blocked ports!
    The inverse of that rule will allow you to do what you want to do on WAN1.

    here is a handy tutorial:

    Hope it helps!

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