Bridging Mode - Traffic not going through.

  • Hi all, I have configured my pfsense box (latest version beta 2) in bridge mode as per the technical document. After I finished the setup I couldn't connect my PC (on the Lan side) to the internet so I checked all the pfsense settings again and about 30 minutes later it suddenly started working! It worked fine for about 2 hours then stopped again! It hasn't gone again since and I can't figure out why. Here is my setup (As already mentioned it is in bridge mode as I only need to get it going to use VOIP traffic shaping not firewall rules)

    LAN PC

    PFsense PC
    LAN IP
    WAN IP


    Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? I have tried disabling the firewall completely and no luck, also when I was logging the firewall traffic there was none being blocked as the firewall is fully open (* * * *). When I try to ping the modem on from the Lan Pc  I get a timeout (when it was running OK I could ping the modem OK). I can ping the modem from the WAN side of the pfsense box and get a reply, and I can ping the Lan PC from the Lan side of the pfsense box. It looks as if the traffic is not making it between the two NIC's in the pfsense box. Any ideas are much appreciated. When it was going it was awesome.

    Thanks for your help.
    Scott Thompson.

  • The bridge has spanning tree support. Any chance both nics are connected to the same switch or see each other? Under that condition links can be disabled to prevent traffic from looping.

  • Thanks for the reply, no they are not connected to the same switch, my setup is as follows:

    Internet <->Modem <-> WAN NIC <-> LAN NIC <-> SWITCH <-> LAN PC's

    I changed the setup so that both NIC's are on the same subnet and it appears to be working again although I was dropping packets all the time but after a few restarts it came right (may of been DNS caching or something?), anyways this should do for what I need it for.

    Now I just have to try to figure out the traffic shaping!