Redundant WAN connection, same ISP & IP (RSTP)

  • We run a small WISP. We are trying to provide a fully redundant connection to a client, and cant quite figure out how to make it work.

    I have a pfsense box setup with four NIC's. (IGB0-3)
    IGB0 and IGB2 are connected to two separate ubiquiti toughswitches. Each switch is fed from a separate wireless link back to one of our towers, which is in turn fed back to our NOC via two redundant wireless links. The connection from our NOC to the tower uses RSTP, and fails over perfect every time. What I tried to do with the router was setup IGB0 & IGB2 as a bridge, and then use RSTP to handle the failover. However once everything gets plugged in, a loop is formed, and it takes down our network. The router shows both interfaces as "learning" and the switches show all interfaces as forwarding.

    An suggestions on something to try?

    Here is a little diagram:

    pfsense router -- Toughswitch 35A -- Dragonwave -- Dragonwave -- Toughswitch 7 -- Dragonwave -- Dragonwave -- NOC Switch
     |                                                                 |        |                                     |
     |                                                                 |        |                                     |
    Toughswitch 35B -- Rocket M5 -- Rocket M5 -------------------------|        |---- Rocket M5 -- Rocket M5 ---------|

    STP works just fine between the NOC switch and Toughswitch 7, but between the pfsense router and Toughswitch 7, it is not working at all.

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