• Hi All,

    Is there any risk/drawback or will it raise any problem if I  use pfsense in my network just for SQUID (just for proxy)?
    So only the http/https traffic would hit the firewall other traffic would use a different path. There is a plan to use WCCP
    (transparanet) proxy configuration as well.

    thank you for your comments,


  • While pfSense can do the job, if you're only looking for a proxy server then I don't know why you wouldn't just spin up some Linux/*BSD instance with Squid if that's all you need.  I don't know if pfSense support WCCB.  There were some forum posts about it, but nothing solid.

  • Hi,

    linux + squid would be the second option. I like pfsense and how it maintains packages and I like to solid webinterface of pfsense.
    Let's make a note here: I do not want that feature that pfsense use wccp to redirect web requests to a proxy server
    (not even to itself). I would like to use pfsense as proxy only. Small network diagram:


    So my question is: is pfsense's squid package able to handle connections using wccp.



  • pfSense can be your proxy server for sure, but I don't have any knowledge about the WCCP side of things.

  • Thanks!
    I hope others have experience regarding this.