• Hello EveryOne,

    I have a routing issue within my pfsense firewall. Here is my setup, I have 3 network interfaces

    WAN -> Incoming Connection From Router
    DMZ -> Bridged Connection with WAN (Separate Switch)
    LAN -> LAN Network.

    Now Im unable to connect from LAN to DMZ, the necessary rules have been added. The default gateway of pfsense box is router IP address. I tried restarting the firewall, switch etc because it was working perfect in the past and no changes have been made in pfsense. Recently we had a power failure and after that we are unable to connect. Do you have any Idea?


  • If it was working before and you are positive no changes have been made, there would be no reason for it not to work now aside from hardware failure. Change switch ports or perhaps try a different NIC in the FW. Also could try the cable first.