• Good morning.
    I have been creeping on google and this for forum for some time and cant seem to find what I am looking for. I am about to finish building my MaxTerm 8300 machine with an 80gig HDD and 512MB of RAM. I want to run this as my primary Gateway. The Dual Intel NIC will have an ALIX 2D3 connected on each port;  and will look something like this:

    Switch –- LAN / NAS
                                                        Alix 2d3
    Modem --------- MaxTerm 8300                    Wifi APs

                                                        Alix 2d3 --- Switch --- Servers (Apache|Minecraft)/ Virtual machines.

    Any tips and possible howto's on how to do this? My primary concern is, to ensure that I do no create any choke points in this configuration.
    I wish to learn to take full advantage of the pfsense software.

    Critisism is welcome and I am open to suggestions.  ;D

  • why would you want to put multiple routers ?
    it just complicates things with no benefit (judging by your schematic)

  • Im focusing on isolating my primary home network from my servers. I know that pfsense can separate networks internally, but I wanted to have two separate networks (with their own dhcp and dns) sharing one gateway.

  • you could just seperate the networks with own dhcp and dns one 1 pfsense and something todo dns ….

  • I see a few issues here.  First, you are going to be seriously CPU bound between your 4 networks (LAN, Wifi, Servers, and infrastructure) as the Alix boxes can't even max out a 100Mbit/s line in one direction.  Second, to echo another poster, this is needlessly complicated.

  • Netgate Administrator

    ^Exactly. No need for three routers unless you have some other physical restriction we don't know about.