Snort.conf => where is it?

  • Hi!

    Where is snort conf file to edit more ram?

  • Snort should never run out of memory. Your problem lies elsewhere. Make sure that the pattern matcher is AC-BNFA-NQ.

  • @simby:


    Where is snort conf file to edit more ram?

    Don't edit the snort.conf file directly because it is overwritten each time Snort is restarted.  The pertinent settings can be found in the GUI tab for Snort.


  • Ok, thanks,… how can i add snort to use more memory,.. i have 8Gb.

  • Moderator

    Hello Simby,

    Snort will use as much memory as it needs. If you goto the Snort Interfaces and edit the WAN interface, in "WAN Settings" you will see an option "Detection Performance Setting"

    For this, follow jflsakfja's recommendation and set it to "AC-BNFA-NQ"

    Then depending on what Rules you enable and how you set the Pre-Processors, Snort will use the memory that it needs.

    If you are looking for some other information, maybe try to re-phrase the question?

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