My Antique WRAP 1E-2E, upgrade?

  • :P Stop laughing.. I recently got a second internet connection at home so I can work without interruptions when my crappy Time Warner link goes down.

    My awesome ASUS router which is suppose to support dual WAN has failed miserably at the task as far as I am concerned, WAY too limited.

    Then, I remember my days of using PF Sense and fell into the rabbit hole. I started thinking about building a new PF Sense device like the ones I built years back with WRAP boards and CF cards etc. In fact, I a box with 2 never used WRAP boards, CF cards, wireless antennas/cards power supplies etc.

    I also have a complete device I built and used back in the day which took me hours to get back into since I forgot the password.

    The complete device is up and running and I am using it as I write this, but can't get much working in the way of Dual WAN.

    The existing device is running 0.88 and doesn't seem easily upgradable.

    Two questions:

    1- Is there anything I can do to upgrade my existing (complete) device without starting over? If so, can I do it without re-flashing the CF card? I don't have a reader/writer for CF that I can find.

    2- What can I do with the unused setups, they have wireless even? Are they of any use still in terms of PF Sense? This is for a home connection but may find use in a professional environment too if they are still worthy. Home use would be awesome and I would be happy with that.

    Thanks in advance for any help, fun to be back in the PF Sense playground again.

    PS: If any of you know something that will do Dual WAN well on my old WRTG54G Linksys routers, I would appreciate any advice there, I have 3 or 4 of those as well.

  • I'm not sure what a WRAP board is, but if it's like the WRT54G units with CF, then probably the best use of them with a modern pfSense is to simply use them as wireless access points.  Just turn off the dhcp server on the WRT54G and plug them into your switch; I use quite a number of them that way.  Just be sure you use a LAN port to plug into your switch and not the WRT54G WAN port.

  • @charliem:

    I'm not sure what a WRAP board is,

    PC Engines made the WRAP board….  Wireless Router Application Platform (IIRC).  Were very cool in their day but more on the antique side of things now.  I think they used an AMD processor that went away.  Too bad, they were super low power consumption.  Think of it as a Grandfather to the ALIX boxes.

    As far as the original poster's question…  I'd not hold much hope of making it work with new code.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, too old to run current Nano version, not enough RAM. 256MB is now the minimum.
    1.2.3 will run in 128MB if your WRAP has that. There is no upgrade path from embedded versions below 1.2.3 though, that was the first NanoBSD version.
    Does m0n0wall support multiwan yet? I believe that was one of the original features that pfSense offered over it.
    Look at OpenWRT on the old Linksys boxes, I'd be surprised if you couldn't do something with that.


  • You could probably run 1.2.3, but it would involve pulling the cf and re-writing it, as well as some additional work:

  • Netgate Administrator

    You could also run the X86 flavour of OpenWRT on the WRAP:

    and add multiwan:


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