• I have been running the latest (embedded) version of pfSense for the past two years via a USB drive on my Supermicro Atom D525 motherboard.  It works fine, most of the time, however, it takes forever to boot or reboot.  I am seriously considering substituting either an SATA DOM or a (small) SSD for my USB drive to improve boot time and general reliability.

    If I purchase an SATA DOM, would a 4 GB or 8 GB be recommended (future proof considerations may apply)?  Would I have to make changes to my BIOS (other than boot selection)–e.g., AHCI turned on?  What is the best way of getting the embedded version of pfSense on the SATA DOM (copying from my existing USB drive or doing a new install on the SATA DOM)?  I assume I can load my existing configuration from my backup file after I make the change to the SATA DOM?

    If I purchase an SSD, what minimum size should it be?  Would I need to make BIOS changes?  How do I get (embedded) pfSense on the SSD?

    I'd appreciate some help here.


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