PfSense full backup

  • During the last couple of system updates, I've opted to have the full backups created.  Output visible and can be managed at System:Firmware:Restore Full Backup.

    How does one invoke this pfsense-full-backup as a .tgz (vs. config as an .xml) when not doing a system update?  Or is this part of the Gold Membership?


  • Take a look at /etc/rc.create_full_backup and /etc/rc.restore_full_backup.

    [2.2-ALPHA][root@pfsense]/root(3): cat /etc/rc.create_full_backup
    FILENAME="pfSense-full-backup-`date "+%Y%m%d-%H%M"`.tgz"
    echo ">>> Creating full backup to /root/$FILENAME"
    tar czPf /root/$FILENAME \
            --exclude dev/* \
            --exclude tmp/* \
            --exclude var/db \
            --exclude var/run/* \
            --exclude root/* \
            --exclude var/empty/* \
            --exclude var/empty \
            --exclude var/etc \
    echo ">>> Backup completed.  Note: this backup includes config.xml!"
    echo ">>> To restore this backup run this command:"
    echo "    /etc/rc.restore_full_backup /root/$FILENAME"

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  • Awesome!  Thanks guys.


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