• Hi again, I need your valuable help again.
    I am trying to aggregate a new wan link to my current installation. This new link is a wireless link to a new ISP provider which provides better bandwidth/cost to our company. The only location where this wireless link can be installed (direct point of view) is in a remote area. Fortunately for us we already linked that area with a fiber optic link. So that a little background on our infrastructure, I added a Visio diagram describing such infrastructure.

    The intention now is to add to the PFsense the WAN4 link over the same network infrastructure, so I decided to have the new WAN4 tunneled over a different subnet (192.168.7.x) and connect it to the Ethernet interface on Pfsense firewall. Now, I’ve accomplished to successfully pinged yahoo.com using the PFsense GUI (obviously using the correct interface pointing to WAN4) but, this is only using the private router (the one connected to the antenna) address.

    I guess double NAT is needed.. How do I do that?
    Any better or other suggestion to connect WAN4 to Pfsense over the existing network infrastructure?

    Please help…

  • Anyone??
    Several times posting questions in this forum and nobody replies :(
    I really need some help.

  • you could probably just setup a different vlan for WAN4 over the switches, and assign an interface for it on pfsense

  • Thanks for the answer!
    but is not really possible since I'm not using managed switches.

  • Any other suggestion? or a way to configure it?

  • do you have a free physical interface on the pfsense ?

    without a physical interface or VLAN i don't see how to get this working reliably.

  • Hi heper!

    do you have a free physical interface on the pfsense ?

    without a physical interface or VLAN i don't see how to get this working reliably.

    Yes i do have one physical interface available on my pfsense.

  • Any suggestions?

  • use the free interface in the way you intended it in your diagram. (make the WAN4-modem your gateway)

  • Ok, maybe i dont understand or I didnt explan myself correctly.

    I have already the antenna connected to one of the switches on the remote area and into the WAN4 interface on PFsense. The router on the antenna has a different subnet 192.168.7.x.

    I can ping anything on the www using the WAN4 interface but, apinger shows the link is down and there is no traffic going through that link.  I assume and please correct me if Im wrong. The private IP that i have in the PFsense ( needs to be translated to go to the outside..

  • normally, pfsense should create the correct NAT rules autmagically, when you specify a gateway on an interface. (Only when AON is enabled)

    if you haven"t specified a gateway: create one
    if AON is disabled and you want to keep it that way: you'll need to add NAT rules yourself (interface WAN4, source=your lan subnet, destination:*, NAT-address=WAN4-address)

  • This is very annoying and cant resolve it!!

    I hate asking dumb questions but I've tried everything..

    let me tell you what i have right now:

    I figured out that the ping responses came through another WAN connection (this is because I had no Gateway assigned). Now the problem i think is my configuration on the interface. I have configured the interface as an static ipv4 with an ip in the same range as the WAN4, please remember that the internet connection runs through a private address across a different subnet as my LAN.

    I tried adding the NAT rules manually, but they all make sense when i switched over Manual Outbound NAT rule generation. ok this is the rule i found to be most important.

  • Here is the configuration of the interface….
    please note that all the configurations say WAN3 instead of WAN4.... (this is to discard NIC problems, since wan3 was working alright)

    ![2014-07-05 17_03_51-pfsense.intranet.colegiobucerias.com - Interfaces_ WAN3.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2014-07-05 17_03_51-pfsense.intranet.colegiobucerias.com - Interfaces_ WAN3.png)
    ![2014-07-05 17_03_51-pfsense.intranet.colegiobucerias.com - Interfaces_ WAN3.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2014-07-05 17_03_51-pfsense.intranet.colegiobucerias.com - Interfaces_ WAN3.png_thumb)

  • someone?? :)