Traffic shaper limiting web traffic bandwidth

  • I upgraded to 100/5 Mbps but traffic shaper is limiting the download speed to only 10%. No matter how I change the setting, speedtest shows 11/5 Mbps.
    Delete traffic shaper and I get the full speed.  Tried creating traffic shaper again using default setting and its still the same.

    How can i set it so web traffic has a higher limit instead of 10% of bandwidth?

    Update: I recreated the rules using PRIQ instead of HFSC and now I can get the full bandwidth.

  • When I was originally playing around with HFSC, I used the wizard and was able to easily saturate my 90/90 link when I wanted to.  I ended up moving from HFSC to PRIQ as well, but I never had any bandwidth problems like you're seeing.  HFSC depends on service definitions like your upload/download speeds whereas PRIQ does not care.  You said you upgraded your service to 100/5.  Did you adjust your HFSC's shaper to account for the extra bandwidth on WAN and LAN?

  • Yes I did. I delete and recreate using the wizard. Enter the new number of the first page. But something is limiting it to 10% of the bandwidth.

    Tried manually changing the on the WAN qDefault, QHighPriority and QLowPriority. Same on the LAN qInternet, QHighPriority and QLowPriority.

    Change web traffic to higher priortity too.  But none of it work.  My goal is to allocate web traffic 60%, VOIP 10% and video 30%.

  • Very strange.  Glad to hear you have it working with PRIQ.

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