Single LAn with routing to two WAN's (newbie)

  • Hello :-)

    I am looking for a way to set up my LAN to route all "normal" traffic through a Firewall to one NIC, and all Citrix ICA traffic through another NIC (the citrix servers i can access have two specified IP addresses) so that my client is using one (SHDSL line) provider for the ICA traffic and another (ADSL line) provider for everything else. -  Is there someone here who can tell me if pfsense is the right software for me to look at? - And how i can achieve this? - Im totally new to freeBSD and mostly to firewalls (except the one in my ADSL router) so any instructions and/or pointers would be welcome.

    See attached network diagram for what i'd like to achieve.

  • There are two ways you could do this with a dual wan setup. I think the easiest would be to create an alias with the IPs of your citrix servers in it. Call it 'citrix' or something, then create a firewall rule on the LAN side placed before the default rule. Something like:
    proto=all src=lan net port=* dest=citrix port=* gateway=(gateway of sdsl line)

    The other way would be to specify the destination port on the rule to tcp/1494, but that might not work unless you also forward the browsing port. I forget, I haven't used Citrix in many years…

  • After some server config/installation problems i got to try this today (your suggested rule) and it worked beautifully right "out of the box" - thanks a lot :)

  • One problemi have after setting this up is that the ica session crashes when i try to copy files to a local mapped drive from the citrix session … anyone have any experiences with this?  ??? - anything i need to set up maybe?

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