• Hi,

    Thx in advance for the help… I'm learning pfSense, so I'm new :-)


    ISP modem/router: LAN
    pfsense: WAN ,  LAN and (NAT and Firewall are turned off)

    in the subnet I have my desktop pc and the stuff from the family
    in the subnet I have a winserver 2012 and some linux machines that i use for testing (school)

    With firewall turned off, I can ping from the wanside to the lanside witheout problems, I can start ssh sessions and use remote desktop to reach the 2012server

    But what doesn't seem to work is is accessing the machines from the lan to the wan side... ping does not work, tracert and traceroute hang on (default gateway and ipaddress from pfsense)... so somehow pfsense routes traffic from wan to lan, but not from lan to wan, unless in a session (ssh, rds).

    I can also access shared folders on the server from my desktop... but not the other way around, unless there is an open remote desktop session. Then de server recognises \tsclient , but not the actual ipadress

    Anyone an idea whats the reason for this?

  • nobody?? really??  :o

  • On your WAN interface, make sure "block private networks" is not checked.
    Other than that, it sounds like it may be Windows firewall at fault. Disable the firewall on your desktop machine and test again.