Mobile IPSec VPN with Squid Issue

  • I apologize if I don't explain this well, but I'm not sure where else to ask for support.

    I currently have a pfSense VPN setup to handle certificate-based IPSec VPN clients. I need this configuration because ultimately I am setting up an on-demand VPN on iOS devices.

    The VPN currently accepts connections and remote users can browse the web by going back out the WAN port of the pfSense server. The pfSense server has only the single WAN interface - it accepts incoming VPN connections and routes traffic back out the WAN interface to the web - and then back.

    I'm currently trying to configure the pfSense router to route all traffic through a squid proxy. I installed the squid package and told it to do transparent proxying, but none of the traffic seems to go through squid.

    Does anyone have experience doing this?


  • Did you ever find a solution for this problem? I face the exact same problem and tried pretty much every single approach described here and none worked  :(

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