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  • In the web-interface I get all kinds of events. I'm not realy patient enough to go through the tedious process of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, to see what's up. As everything seems to work normally I just ignore it.

    Is there any page on the web-interface that can show me all events? I cannot find such a page on the Status (I'd expected under Status -> Logs) of Diagnostics-menus.

    And maybe more importantly, how do I fix the events? I've never edited config.xml by hand (other than a sed on interface-names, and the events do not seem to be related to that), so the errors are generated by the (config)output of the webinterface?

  • Under status –> "system logs" ARE all events.

    If you compare them and go back in the logs you will find the problem that kicked the event in the header.

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