• Hi, I wonder is there a way to duplicate tcp traffic from specific port to a remote server using haProxy or any other way..

    Im receiving tcp traffic to port 14000…
    Then I want to duplicate this traffic to local port 14001 and to remote server port 14000..

    I successfully can do that but haproxy will split traffic to two servers using the balance options supported by it... (roundrobin, static-rr, source, etc)..

    So I get more traffic to one of the servers than the other..

    What I really need is to receive a copy of the incoming 14000 port in the remote server in the same port 14000..

    Is there a way to do this??

    Here's my current config (the one that splts in half the traffic)

            maxconn 100000
            user root
            group root

            mode    tcp
            option  dontlognull
            retries 3
            option redispatch
            contimeout  5000
            clitimeout  50000
            srvtimeout  50000

    listen localhost
            mode tcp
            balance static-rr
            maxconn 100000

    server remote check
            server local check

    Any help would be very appreciated..

    Thanks in advance

  • haproxy is not designed to duplicate/copy traffic to a secondary server. without modifications to the program it will not be possible with that.
    (it has been asked for on the haproxy mailinglist.. but i cant find the thread currently..)

  • I finally solved it using "agnoster duplicator"…
    It does exactly as i wanted..  :D