APCUPSD and Back-UPS ES 525 Problem

  • Hi

    Has anyone setup APCUPSD and a APC Back-UPS ES? I think I have tried every combination of "UPS Cable" UPS Type / Device" and "Device"

    I keep getting few different errors, but the most popular is apcupsd[59671]:

    apcupsd FATAL ERROR in smartsetup.c at line 172 PANIC! Cannot communicate with UPS via serial port

    The UPS is connected via Serial intro COM1 (well the only com port on the PC)

    My current settings are:

    UPS Cable = simple
    UPS Type / Device = apcsmart
    Device = /dev/cuau0

    I did try NUT and eventually it saw the UPS, but didnt show any battery details or anything else

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • Oh FFS

    I spent all night trying to get this working, this morning I posted to the forum for help, then decided to try one more thing….

    and now it works

    UPS Cable = 940-0119A (my cable is 940-0119B, but that is not coded into the program)
    UPS Type / Device = dumb /dev/cuau0
    Device = /dev/cuau0

    Now to see if it really shuts down gracefully