LTE support

  • Hello,

    3G support on Pfsense.
    I am aware that PFSense does support 3G.
    And I have seen the list of supported modems, some of them being 4G or LTE capable.

    I am using a Sierra MC7710 which is LTE capable.
    It works, but I can only get a maximum of 10Mbps using it. whereas a different router which mentions LTE support gets about 18Mbps in the same building.

    So my question is does Pfsense support 4G (LTE) or only 3G (HSPA+)?
    Does PFSense just talk to the modem which is supposed to supposed to deal with that side of things?

    And I don't suppose anyone knows of a add-on widget or something that can show negotiated mode, signal strength etc..

    Any help or tips will be much appreciated.

  • Has nobody had any experience with LTE on Pfsense?

  • This page may help you:

    As for how pfSense works with them, I have no idea.

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