Traffic shaper help limiter

  • I have simple network with traffic shaper. Each of the queues and interfaces has a speed limit.

    It seems that Queues has a math error? The root queue is adding all childs and parent. Instead of just adding parents to get total.

    I have set qinternet for each queue with limits:

    Wan 11mb
    Lan 45mb
    VOIP 5mb

    Once in awhile i see this. All queues maxxed out. I dunno if webpage just slow to refresh. But I do experience high ping times during this.

    Does traffic shaper interface speed settings limit? or do I need to add limiters?

  • I've seen this too, where the bandwidth totals seem really off.

    A traffic shaper will try to provide service for your queues.  It will only throttle a connection if it needs bandwidth for higher-priority connections.  If you want to put a hard cap in place, you need a limiter.

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