Traffic shaping for lan party

  • Hello

    In the near future I'll be hosting a lan party.
    I'd like to prevent one or a couple of users from saturating the entire WAN connection.

    For this purpose I'm planning on limiting each user to 16/2.

    I've managed to setup the trafic shaper but currently it limits the whole network to 16/2 instead of each client.
    I've robbed google from some of its bandwith the last few days but to my surprise I couldn't find a solution for my issue.

    I believe I could make a rule for every possible ip in the network and thus giving each its own "pipe" but there must be a better way to do this right?

    In advance I'd like to thank you for your advice!

  • If you follow Foxale88's post about using a limiter , you will be able to create a fixed amount of bandwidth and everyone trying to do a TCP download will get that amount divided equally between them.

    You create the rule on the LAN tab and put it above the last default  any/any rule .  So if you allocate 20Mbit to this limiter and 10 people are downloading stuff , then each person will get @2Mbit.

    As people drop on and off , it will change the amount.  I have tested this live and at my LAN party and it works very well.

  • Here is a link to my posts on what I do for LAN Parties with PFSense:

    Feel free to use any of the configs and tweak them as needed.

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