PfSense 2.1.4 and MatrixOrbital LCD

  • Hi all,
    I have built a nice box using pfSense, except for one thing. I got a MatrixOrbital LCD Display BLK204-7T-1U-BK-USB-TCI ( ), connected up directly to the motherboard. I have tried the packages "LCDproc 0.5.6 pkg v. 0.9.9", and "lcdproc-0.5.5 pkg.v.1.0.1" but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm using the Driver for MtxOrb, and have completely walked down the connection type choices.

    dmesg | grep -i ugen
    ugen0.1: <amd>at usbus0
    ugen1.1: <amd>at usbus1
    ugen2.1: <amd>at usbus2
    ugen3.1: <amd>at usbus3
    ugen0.2: <mo>at usbus0 <=== This is the MatrixOrbital location

    Have any of you all got this working, and if so, what settings did you use?

    Thanks in Advance!</mo></amd></amd></amd></amd>

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